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Bowel cancer screening: This test looks for the blood pigment hemoglobin, a sign of blood in stool. Blood in stool can be caused by various things, such as hemorrhoids, polyps or even bowel cancer.

Allergy tests: to detect antibodies against allergy-triggering substances like grass pollen or certain foods.

Detecting germs causing an infection: If it is thought someone has bacterial tonsillitis or scarlet fever, the test looks for Streptococcus bacteria.

Diagnosing heart attacks and thrombosis: Shortly after a heart attack or if someone has thrombosis , higher levels of a certain protein are found in the blood. These can be detected using an immunological test.

Urine test: If sugar, blood, proteins or inflammatory cells are found in urine using this rapid test, it could be a sign of diabetes, a urinary tract infection or kidney damage.

Pregnancy test: Women can use this rapid test to find out whether their urine contains the “pregnancy hormone” beta-hCG.

Rapid tests for drugs and medication: Immunological tests can also be used to look for recreational drugs such as cannabis, ecstasy and cocaine. Medical drugs that affect the central nervous system can also be detected in this way.

Determining your blood group: When blood transfusions are done, the person donating the blood and the person receiving the blood have to have the same blood group. Immunological tests can be used to determine the blood groups before a blood transfusion

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